silueta-de-ninjas-en-el-fondo-circulo-rojo_91-2147487481The phone rings and a good client needs a text urgently in the next few hours, just when you were going to get a new spare tyre for the car and take the cat to the vet’s. You also need to book the flight and hotel for the congress next month and prepare your talk for Valenguando, while the date for last year’s tax declaration is coming up and you haven’t even started writing that review for the magazine.

Don’t panic! This Gary Smith talk will teach you some simple, life-changing tips to organise your work and social life effortlessly so you don’t spend all day and night juggling plans and projects in your head. Do what needs to be done now, in the right place at the right time with the right person and the right priority, while keeping track of everything else on file and not in your head.

Amaze your friends, family, colleagues, clients and bosses with your ninja agility.

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