shy-girl_19-103883Are you Johnny Extrovert or Inma Introvert?
Do you feel uncomfortable at networking events? Are you nervous when you have to sell your services to a client? Do you dread presentations?
In this workshop Lee Monk will show you how to learn to love your inner introvert and communicate more effectively with potential clients.
Lee Monk has been teaching sales, public speaking and communication for over ten years. He is the founder of Maverick English and is the UK Sales Manager for Lee is also an introvert lover; introverts get stuff done!
In the last 20 years we changed from talking about people’s characters and started talking about their personalities. Companies started to test people and promote extroverts, schools became dominated by extroverted peer-leaders, the media craved for more extroverted sports and film stars! But, hey come on…. what about the introverts? Introverts are the 99%! We are the ones that make the world go round! We are the engineers, the doctors, the translators! Any introvert can do a great presentation, job interview or networking event you just need a bit of training and some practice.

This workshop is for: 

Anybody who will have to do a job interview, talk to a client or do a presentation on the next 20 years.


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