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I work these days as a translator from Spanish to English and as an English teacher. I combine these professions with another, Personal Trainer. Working successfully as a translator would never have been possible for me if I had not learned some valuable lessons about how to overcome and avoid the type of injuries suffered by sedentary workers.

19 years ago I was forced to change my profession due to overuse injuries provoked by long hours in front of a computer. I decided to re-train as a Personal Trainer and began a journey of discovery of the human body. Even though I had trained for rockclimbing and swimming, I was totally unaware of the risk of postural imbalances when I began to work intensively in a Human Resources firm. I was only able to recover from my debilitating injuries once I had began to re-align my body. Since my reincarnation as a Personal Trainer I have a passion for teaching what I have learned. Seeing the changes that occur with directed and mindful physical training is very inspiring.

My goal is not only to help people recover from injuries with training but in fact to spread the information needed to avoid these types of injuries altogether. Soft tissue injuries caused by our sedentary lives are at epidemic proportions and I wish to do my part to help translators, especially, to get on top of the situation even before injury occurs.

I have been working as a Personal Trainer for almost 19 years now. My method is a combination of Pilates, Yoga and directed weight training with a generous dash of self-appreciation and common sense. I produced a video of how to use a foam roller, available on Youtube, to encourage translators to really enjoy taking breaks – sooner rather than later. Yours in flexible good health!!

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