Foto de Martin EspositoMartin Esposito is an Italian born bilingual conference interpreter and translator. His poetry is usually recorded and published in oral form as a blog, and rarely sees the light on paper. He delves into the theme of split belonging and sense of loss in both languages through open-ended explorations of the rapport between the human heart and large machine-systems, in a way distantly related to cyberpunk.

Over the last few years, Martin’s production has been mainly centered around haiku in English.

Kept strictly within the perimeter of the most traditional form accepted for this language, his compositions nevertheless betray a European perspective visible through a sense of self and current-day urban artefacts breathing alongside the classical representations of the natural moment.

Martin is a member of The Poetry Society and his haiku are featured in:

  • The World Haiku Review, official journal of The World Haiku Club, to which he contributes regularly, and
  • The Haiku Foundation Archive

these resources, along with the self-published booklet

  • Twelve Haiku

can be found online.

To check out his workshop in Lenguanding, click on here.

Twitter: @bigcitymartin



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